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Lighting Plans

Enjoy your garden from dusk till dawn by introducing a well-considered and bespoke lighting plan designed by Helyers. Outdoor lighting will give your home and garden the attention and finishing touch that it deserves as well as offering you a gorgeous after dark retreat. So, don’t pack up and go indoors just because the sun’s gone down – light that fire pit, grab a blanket and enjoy your garden no matter the season with In-Lite. 

In-Lite is a high quality, cutting edge product range that operates on low voltage with a 5 year warrantee and is easy to install, modify, expand and operate.  The fixtures are fitted with high quality LED light sources that are extremely energy-efficient and very long-lasting.

This is our chosen product here at Helyers, because quite simply it’s the best!  We absolutely love the atmospheric and ambient lighting that this Dutch company offers and we think you will too…

For more detials call us today to book a free no obligation lighting consultation on 01329 221 955.

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