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Welcome to The Helyers Group

We are a family owned business, established for more than twenty years and run by identical and mirror twin brothers Richard and Nicholas (and no you are not seeing double!) Helyers has years of experience designing and constructing every detail of home and commercial landscapes, from Bijoux courtyards to large grounds and commercial sites.


So whether it’s just a new patio, a full property design or simply to get some curb appeal, our designers are at hand, understanding that outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes and therefore need to fulfil a variety of functions.

At Helyers, we take great pride in merging design and construction with customer expectation, ensuring we always meet your every need – from helping to create a relaxed environment to enjoy a glass of wine in, getting the best from the light in your garden, advice on where the vegetable plot should be located, guidance on the perfect spot for a water feature, patio advice, product advice, soil types and drainage issues, to perennial borders – once we have a plan that complements your home and lifestyle, you can trust us to give you a bespoke design that works for you!


Helyers is a team and each individual member is a valued member of this team.

A company is only as good as the promises it keeps, and we promise to:

Always value and listen to our customers, ensuring their needs and expectations are met by our highly skilled and motivated team members.

Always develop and grow our skill set across the whole business, and put the right people in the right jobs with the appropriate support system.

And finally, we promise to always go that extra mile and always strive for excellence.

From Small Beginnings…

Starting out at seventeen, Richard’s great love for the outdoors and his very green fingers (which probably came from his grandfather, who would test him on Latin plant names as a small boy) had him mowing lawns and doing garden tidies for a local gardener around his home village. So, when the business came up for sale he jumped at the opportunity to buy it – the rest, as they say, is history! It wasn’t long before Nicholas downed tools as a qualified chippy and the boys joined forces. With Nick’s construction knowledge and expertise, and Rick’s hands-on experience, they formed Helyers & Sons alongside their entrepreneur and businessman father Don Helyer.

Hard work, determination and a lot of blood, sweat and tears have seen this business grow and grow over the years, and sadly it also saw the loss of their beloved father in 2001. His great business acumen, his exceptional work ethic and his generous nature was the foundation of this business and what helped these brothers take this business to the next level in his absence, In fact, a pair of his old work shoes have been framed and sit pride of place in the office to always remind the boys of where it all started, and what big shoes they have to fill!

The Helyers Group which is what we are known as today is based in Fareham and has a workforce of over 25 people, providing high quality, affordable services to gardens across the whole of Hampshire and beyond.

Achieving The Dream

From domestic gardens to commercial landscaping, we offer a range of versatile solutions to suit your budget, we pride ourselves on the great care and attention to detail that we bring to your project, however large or small.

The designers, landscapers, tree surgeons, fencers and labourers in our team our fully trained with recognised qualifications and certifications as well of years of experience in their fields and will bring their expertise to your garden project.

Whether you plan to use it as a space for relaxing and entertaining, a canvas for you to indulge your passion for plants, or a public garden to boost civic pride, The Helyers Group can help you achieve your dream.

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