Personalised planting plans for your unique garden style

Our customised planting plans cater to the unique needs of your garden. We strive to ensure that every plant we select is well-suited to thrive in your specific location and climate, as well as match your personal gardening style.

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Planting Plans

We specialise in creating stunning planting plans with a thoughtful mix of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Our creations are tailored to your garden layout, sensory needs, and lifestyle preferences. We prioritise choosing plants that suit your level of interest in gardening and will thrive in your care and location.

Whether you want a low-maintenance garden to entertain friends and family or seek advice for your existing mature garden, we have you covered. At Helyers, we collaborate with you to develop a personalised planting plan that complements your skills and preferences, creating a garden that you’ll love for years to come.

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