Light up your outdoor space with us and enjoy it day and night

At Helyers, we simplify outdoor lighting by designing a plan tailored to your wants and needs. We understand your grounds, and can create a lighting scheme that perfectly complements your garden.

Let us light up your outdoor space, so you can create ambiance and interest, and fully enjoy your garden from dusk until dawn.

What We Can Do


With so many lighting options out there, it can feel a little overwhelming, almost hard to know where to start. However here at Helyer’s we have done all the hard work, so you don’t have to worry about wattage, or watery wires, or even costly electrical bills.

We take on board your wants and needs and more importantly already understand your grounds and therefore know exactly how to compliment your garden design with a lighting plan that allows you to truly enjoy your outdoor living space from dusk until dawn. Because with the right lighting design, you really can create ambience and interest in your outdoor living space.

So, let us show you how with lighting we can bring your garden to life at night. We can show you exactly how to draw attention to favourite areas, and specific planting.

We can design a planting plan to highlight key features and beautiful spots within your garden because garden lighting really is the perfect solution to enable full use of your outdoor living space all year round.

So, no matter the time of year, or time of day we can design a lighting plan that allows you to fully enjoy your garden, and that suits your lifestyle.

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