Plant Pots



All quotations will be confirmed in writing on Helyers headed paper and are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue.

Should any variations to the quotations be required, Helyers will notify you in writing via a revised quotation, of any cost increases or savings. Any items not clearly stated will not be undertaken.

Written acceptance of the quotation is required in the form of a completed acceptance form.  This is to be returned as soon as is possible for us to be able to propose start dates to you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Helyers of any mains services, such as electricity, gas or telecommunications, not buried to the statutory depth, or indeed any matter of potential concern in regard to Health & Safety prior to our arrival on site. Helyers will not accept any responsibility for damage or interruption of any service of which we have not been notified in writing.

Maintenance to the newly installed garden is not included in our quotation.  Maintenance becomes the responsibility of the customer upon practical completion of the works.


The customer has the right to cancel the contract without charge at any time prior to 14 days before the contract starts. Cancellations made within the final 14 days before commencement shall incur a cancellation charge of 5% of the agreed contract value. Helyers respectfully request that this be done in writing, by letter or email.


There may be situations caused by adverse weather or ground conditions which may require us to reschedule your works. In this instance, Helyers will keep you advised, but can unfortunately accept no liability for any costs incurred by the customer should this happen.

We respectfully ask in the interests of Health & Safety, that the customer please make every reasonable effort to remove pet faeces from lawns and borders, and to ensure access points are clear before work commences. Vehicles are ordered off the public highway at the customer’s sole risk.

Helyers will require full use of your driveway throughout the duration of the contract.

For Health and Safety reasons, whilst Helyers are undertaking the contract, you are reminded that this is a working construction site and unsuitable for use by anyone (including pets) other than Helyers.

Helyers cannot be held responsible for any accidents or damages occurred by the use of the garden during the duration of construction.

The customer will supply all necessary water and electricity for the carrying out of the agreed work without charge to Helyers.

Helyers only choose to work with reputable third party contractors but cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by these contractors whilst on site.

Helyers cannot be responsible for any damaged caused by pets or wildlife either while the contract is running or once completed.

Helyers advise that the client should be available on site most days to discuss the project as it progresses and while the contract is running.

You may be required to employ a third party ie. plumber, electrician etc after works has been completed and Helyers cannot be liable for this.


We always comply with building regulations.


All plants supplied by Helyers are guaranteed for 4 weeks, on the condition that they are regularly watered by the customer. Should a replacement plant be required which is not available, Helyers respectfully reserve the right to provide a suitable alternative.

Helyers accept no responsibility for defects over and above failing to break out into leaf unless a formal maintenance contract is entered into.

Should plants or planting be delayed this amount will be deducted from the final balance and can be kept by the customer until this element of the works has been completed.  All other monies must be paid.


Projects up to £10,000:  No deposit is required prior to commencement of work however the full balance shall become payable immediately at practical completion at each phase of the works.

Projects over £10,000:  No deposit is required prior to commencement of work, however 50% of the payment is required half way through the works, the full balance shall then become payable immediately at practical completion at each phase of the works.

Helyers respectfully requests that all invoices for domestic clients be settled in full within 7 calendar days of completion of works.

Title and ownership of materials shall not pass to the customer until full payment has been received.  The customer agrees to allow Helyers reasonable access to retrieve such materials in the event of non- payment, should all other attempts at reconciliation fail.

Helyers shall not accept retention upon domestic contracts.

Some precast and stone products may display colour or texture variation. Helyers shall not be liable for any cost involved in the replacement of these products once installed. Helyers will not be held liable for the normal, expected deterioration or variation of such products, including fading due to efflorescence (calcium carbonate deposits).

Should you choose to use timber products in your project, please be mindful that it is a natural product.  Helyers will not be responsible for replacing timber products if splitting, warping or colour variation occurs due to weathering and/or drying out.


All workmanship comes with a 24-month guarantee from completion date of each phase.

You may be required to employ a 3rd party ie. plumber, electrician etc, after works has been completed and Helyers cannot be liable for this.

Helyers reserve the right to use photographs, drawings or plans of your garden for promotional purposes with the approval of the customer.